Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amy Winehouse is in love with her new boobies and lips -- and drawn on freckles??

Amy! Seriously?

OhforpitySAKE.  New boobs, plumped up lips...fine, I get it. But freckles drawn on with an eyeliner pencil?? Amy Winehouse, what the goddamnhell are you doing? I've had freckles my entire life ("Oh, they'll disappear when you get older!" NO. THEY. DON'T.). 

Should I be flattered that Amy is trying to make freckles all the rage? Because I'm NOT.

(Yes, I am.)


Anonymous said...

pupils shot much amy?
it always amazes me when, in the glare of the papz her pupils can stand up to the bright lights.

the boys

jeanbean said...

Even Alfalfa's were drawn on better. She should let someone else do the dots so they will at least cover both sides of her nose. What a freakin mess!

Susan21 said...

Does she actually KNOW that she got a boob job?