Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shooting in Lakewood, Washington - 4 Police Officers Ambushed and Killed

Det. Ed Troyer - Pierce County Sheriff's Dept.

Oh, God. Four Pierce County police officers were shot and killed this morning, "execution-style" in a Lakewood coffee shop. It's being reported that three officers were male and one was female. The officers were doing computer-work at The Cafe Forza Coffee Shop when they were ambushed and killed.


"Four so-far unidentified police officers were shot dead in a Parkland/Lakewood area coffee shop this morning, according to the Pierce County sheriff's office. Spokesperson Ed Troyer was not yet able to say which police agency the four were from, though it may be Lakewood.

"It was just a flat out ambush," Troyer said. "It appears they were doing paperwork and getting ready for their shift to start. The four of them are known by everybody here..." he said, referring to officers investigating the deaths. He asked for the public's help to identify the single suspect, who walked into the Forza Coffee shop at 11401 on South Steele Street near Parkland Sunday morning. "We have nothing to link this to the Seattle shooting," Troyer added at a press briefing, speaking about the recent Halloween night ambush killing of SPD Officer Tim Brenton."

A specific tip-line for this case has been set up at 866-977-2362.

The suspect is described to be a black male,  5'7" - 6', wearing a black coat, blue jeans. 

The suspect is still on the loose and is armed and extremely dangerous. 

Our prayers are with the officers' families. This is a horrific tragedy.

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jeanbean said...

This is horrible. Those poor officers. I don't really watch the news so please keep us posted as the updates there come out. I'm praying for the Pacific Northwest.