Monday, November 16, 2009

Rick Springfield on "Californication" - He's 60, you guys.

Rick Springfield; 60 years old.

You know, it's about goddamn time some older Hollywood dude starting making men feel badly about themselves. We chicks have had to deal with the likes of Demi Moore and her tight ass (and surgically-altered face) for too many years, so it's only fair that the men now have someone to make them taste the bitter pill that says "self-loathing" on the label. Welcome to the club, boys!

Take a gander at Mr. Rick Springfield at AGE 60, in his appearance on Californication over the weekend. Holy shit, you y'all. (There were more explicit pictures to show you, but they were waaaaaay too "NSFW". Hunt 'em down if you want.)

I suspect Rick will be getting more work, if only for looking so damn good at such a crazy age.


Annette said...

I don't know who Rick Springfield is but looking at that pic i'd have guessed he was about 40 At. The. Most.
I've given up on my other half making an effort. I married a prince & he's turning into a frog! I mean it! (So pleased he doesn't read English - phew!)

goaliegirl said...

OH MY! I have loved him since I was 13 - his General Hospital and Jesse's Girl days. Hmmmmm...def going to have to watch that episode. :)

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