Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So, yeah. We went to my 30th high school reunion in SoCal!

Seriously. Does it GET
more gorgeous than this?

Okay, maybe it does.

Dinner in Montecito with my girls:
L to R: Rose, (me), Katy and Jeanne

What did Sir Mix-a-Lot say about
"with an itty bitty waist..."?
Hell yeah. Me and Rose.

My Sweet Joanne and silly Kenny.

I do believe I had the most
handsome and dashing man on my arm.
Oh, Stephen. I love you.
Don Draper? Eat your heart out.

Hey, Baby. Wanna date?
(My after-party hooker look. Sweet.)

As Stephen and I got closer to the beachfront hotel where my reunion was taking place, I told him I was feeling hysterical all of a sudden. Like I was gonna freak. Right. Out. You know, that laughing and screaming feeling   that sneaks up on you? That one.

We walked in...and I recognized NO ONE initially. I also found myself reverting back to my withdrawn high school self (although others have different memories of me). I was terrified to approach anyone that I did recognize. There is no WAY I could've walked in that place without my sweet husband. 

Eventually, I heard my name being called by my girls and I had already downed a nice gin and tonic (extra lime, please). The line I gave the most was to the male population: "You didn't give me the goddamn time of DAY back in high school--and now you want a HUG?" I was half-kidding. I guess I didn't hit my prime back in high school, like so many do, and I felt a little sassy. Did I have a grudge or two? I suppose so, but nothing vicious. It really is crazy to feel that way, and I'm glad it dissipated. It's all good.

Mostly, I was just so happy to see my girls. I've kept in touch with Joanne, who is as STUNNING as ever, and it was a great, loud and hilarious dinner with Rose, Katy and Jeanne the night before the reunion. I also wanna give a shout out to Tommy, Jackie, Patti, Michael, Tracy, Mary, Mike V. (who got a LOT of verbal abuse--sorry, dude!), and MAUREEN!!

I'm really, really glad I went. Class of '79--what the HELL? We can't be that old.


The Corner Mountain said...

Julia, you look great in your pictures... Glad you had a great time. I would hope that I would not have gotten the abuse as well. Wish I could have been there.

DivaJulia said...

Corner Mountain...who is this? I'm sure you wouldn't have gotten my silly "abuse"--it was all in good fun. Just wondering who you are!

xoxo j

Jilly said...

Julia; you look beautiful!! Love all the dresses you wore; you really know how to put a look together. Stephen looks as dapper as always. Y'all look like you had so much fun. Yup, Class of '79!!! We rock!!

The Corner Mountain said...

The Corner Mountain is a tag used by Jim Ross... Keep up the great work on the Blog Julia... Gotta love the abuse that is in good fun...