Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009 - OhgoodLord, I'm tired.

"Lucy" (me) and "Dra-coooool" (Stephen)

 Friends, Julie and David

 A dude who totally wasn't dressed up,
but looked like George Harrison anyway!

 Our darling (schoolgirl) cocktail server

;Our friend, Cheryl, the Mermaid

 Lucy is going to "turn" poor Ralphie 
from "A Christmast Story" (James!)

 The Leg Lamp, Tim

 Friends, Cheryl and Tish

 "A plasma on the rocks, please."


Dracoool, Lucy and Dracula

Oh, what a time we had on Halloween this year. As I mentioned, I kept torturing Stephen by not making a decision as to whether or not I wanted to DO anything this year...

Oh, we DID it all right. We hooked up with our Sugardaddy's , Tim and James and Julie and David and our new friends Cheryl and Tish. (Everyone sorta becomes your friend on nights like Halloween, but these were the Real Deals.)

Just as a quick reminder of Lucy and her evil from Francis Ford Coppola's classic, here's a clip:

Since I'm having issues with my blog and computer, I'm going to hurry and post this.

And I'm still waiting for YOUR Halloween pictures, my loveys.  

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Anonymous said...

had a blast with you and stephen
love, the boys