Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lindsay Lohan doesn't stand a CHANCE with a parent like Michael Lohan.

Lindsay at the Whitney Gala
a couple of weeks ago.
Note the "manicure".

This girl is a wreck. No one will hire her for an acting job. She makes money by showing up for club parties. I actually fear for her life at this point; especially after hearing about her asshole father and his media tactics for attention regarding private family matters. These people do NOT know how to LIVE privately. Dina and Michael Lohan are complete lowlife, using, opportunistic losers. 


"He [Michael Lohan] tells New Yok Post gossip column Page Six, "I am going to go to court to get a legal conservatorship to get Lindsay into rehab and finally get her off all the prescription meds. Dina is going to sit down with me and the lawyers and make things right for Lindsay. She is taking Adderol, Xanax, Paxil. She’s a beautiful girl but she looks 100 years old."

"A three-minute audiotape of a distraught Lindsay Lohan claiming "no one cares about me" has been released by RadarOnline, which obtained it from the Merrick native's dad.

"Mommy says that I'm worse than you were," a crying Lindsay is heard telling father Michael Lohan on the tape. It's unclear when the recording was made, although Lindsay herself was quick to tweet Wednesday that it was "from years ago."

"My father's such a loser," she posted on her Twitter account Wednesday afternoon. "To release personal things is foul enough, but to edit them(?) I used to think that he needed the book for dummies on learning how to be a father.

"Ha ha - he needs the book for dummies on HOW TO BE A MAN."

Radar says the audio recording is the first of several in its possession recorded from phone calls Lindsay and her mother, Dina, made to Michael Lohan.

Michael Lohan has been saying publicly that he wants conservatorship of his daughter.

Radar says he released the tape in an attempt to "disprove" claims from those around his daughter that she's fine." reports that Lindsay Lohan has contacted attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, asking her to get a restraining order against Michael.
Chapman Holley told TMZ that aside from getting a restraining order, she could file a defamation lawsuit against Michael Lohan on Lindsay's behalf."

I feel badly for Lindsay. I really do. I don't think she'll live through this mess.

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