Friday, November 20, 2009

Jennifer Lopez? WHAT the goddamnhell are you wearing?

JLo!! What the goddamnhell are you wearing here?
Check out girlfriend's rehearsal-wear for the AMAs on Sunday.

And, what is THIS crap? Oh, that's right. It's JENNIFER EFF-ING LOPEZ-crap. I remember when I sorta liked Jennifer Lopez, but that was circa 1999. If You Had My Love? Awesome. Waiting For Tonight? Great song for a Millenium party. See how old I am today, yet again??

Really, though? Am I the only one out here who thinks this song, Louboutins, is utter garbage? I just cannot believe how ghastly this song is...and the title is embarrassing and ghetto. "Jenny from the Goddamn Block", my big, fat Puerto Rican ass. (Okay, my big, fat Irish-French ass, whatEVER.) She's rubbing our noses in her shoe closet (peeee yooooo) AND tryna get free shoes while she's at it. Pssssh.

Jaaayzus, I'm cranky today.  


jeanbean said...

CRAPOLA!!!!! I have now listened to that stupid song one too many times. Wait, I only listened here. Thanks alot! Ha!

Viva La Fashion said...

what is that thing that jennifer is wearing? is a skirt? hmmm...can't really tell.