Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Video ** All together now: Holy SH!T.

I was determined not to like this girl. I was positive Lady Gaga would just go away...quickly and quietly. I'm not usually wrong about stuff like this--ask anyone--but I will admit it now: I was wrong about Lady Gaga. 

How often do we get to be excited about music videos anymore? Man, BACK IN MY DAY, we had TRL. Yeah. 'Member that? Videos. Lots of 'em.

Thanks, Lady Gaga, for making videos exciting again.  So what if I don't understand everything about this video--it's still awesome.


Annette said...

Love the strange bit at the end - what am i saying? As if the rest was 'normal'!

Stuart said...

I didn't want to like her either, but the more I see of her, the more genius marketing and performance I see in her. She's got her look, got her press, she can back it up with her music, and this video is actually really cool. IMO, it's got a dark 5th Element vibe, which fits her character very well. I equate her to a modern female version of Ziggy Stardust. My gf and I actually talked about this this morning. It's funny to see the entire genesis of her videos, from her first one that was good, but definitely low budget to this high budget sci-fi oddfest. Still some low budget in there though...is that a Wii Nunchuck remote I see in the guy's hand...? Oh, and if bear skin rug coats, head and all, don't catch on now, then nothing is right with the world.