Sunday, November 15, 2009

Song of the Day - "Original Sin" by INXS (French Remix!)

 Oh, Michael Hutchence.

Miss you much.

Get your glowsticks and Ecstasy out and DANCE, y'all. (Ooops. Did I say that? I only did it 2 1/2 times YEEEEEARS ago. Don't judge or hate on me, mmkay? It made me really crabby and I didn't enjoy it. So there.)

I just love this song, and it brings back great memories of the beautiful and sexy-voiced Michael Hutchence. Sigh. We miss you Michael.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics. he was my man in the 80's.

ps have you heard "mash-up your bootz"?
there are 19 albums of insane/cool combos like Bryan Adams and Metallica or Rick Astley and Nirvana. I'll burn you a compilation disc.

the boys

DivaJulia said...

PLEEEEEEASE burn me a copy??? I LOVE mash-ups!!

xoxo j

p.s. You'll be seeing Patrick soon!!