Monday, November 23, 2009

Just in case you've missed the freakout over Adam Lambert's AMA performance Sunday night...




So. Here are some photos from Adam Lambert's performance last night on the AMAs

The biggest reaction I felt during Adam's entire song was, "Wow. Someone's trying waaaay too hard." I don't remember the song itself. I only remember Adam stalking around the stage waving his arms around, Britney-style, while pretending to be tough and sexy. I didn't fall for it one bit. 

Now, Miss Adam is going on the record whining about "discrimination" and "women have been pushing the envelope on stage for years", presumably pointing to Madonna. Adam? You. Are. Not. Madonna. Nor, are you Lady Gaga. 

I'm bored.

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jeanbean said...

I have to admit I was disappointed too. This was not pushing the envelope, this was just bad. I don't think it was for "My Entertainment" as much as it was for Adam's. He should want people talking about his performance, just not the way they are. My opinion.