Friday, November 13, 2009

Victoria Beckham and son Brooklyn support Save the Children in Kentucky

 Victoria Beckham in Kentucky for Save the Children

 LOVE the smile!

Sweet. Darling, actually.

I LOVE that Victoria Beckham is teaching her boys the importance of giving back. Posh and eldest son Brooklyn traveled to Kentucky in support of Save the Children and I think it's fantastic. 

Say what you will about this family and all their money, beauty and whatever, but I'm on board with them. (Like y'all didn't already know that. Pssssh.)  


"Victoria Beckham is "delighted" her son is undertaking charity work.
Brooklyn Beckham - the star's eldest child with husband David Beckham - visited poverty-stricken state Kentucky with Save The Children after learning about the state at his exclusive school in Los Angeles.

The 10-year-old youngster played soccer with children at Manchester Elementary School and presented them with shoes and backpacks, before joining in with an after-school reading group.

He and Victoria then went to read with children at nearby Big Creek Elementary school.

Victoria said: "I'm pleased Brooklyn is learning that by helping and joining other children he can play a role in making his generation the greatest yet.

"Seeing Save the Children's innovative programmes in action, I know that we can begin to reverse the childhood poverty crisis."

As one of the poorest counties in America, Clay County has high illiteracy rates and obesity in children is a massive problem.

She added: "What I saw in Clay County was the hope and promise inherent in every child."
"That's why we have to make sure every single child has a fair and equal start in life."

Wonderful. Just wonderful. And Victoria looks sweet, genuine and so happy.


Annette said...

Victoria looks as if she weighs less than either of those 2 little girls she's holding onto.

DivaJulia said...

A: HA!

xoxo j