Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today's Blind Item - She Wants a Baby NOW Edition

"This movie actress has been very vocal to inner circle about her clock ticking. She wants to be a bride and have a baby with her current famous beau, ASAP – not necessarily in that order.

One warning to the guy: Don't be a fool. She doesn't really love you. This is all a game to her. She is actually telling friends and family that she thinks you're an idiot – but a moldable, rich, famous, good-looking idiot who brings her more attention than she can get as a solo act. She will date you at the peak of your fame, and will lose you as soon as your star fades.

Then again, we don't know why we are warning him about her, when he is almost as bad as her."

[Blind Gossip]

If I even give you a hint of who this may be, I'll give it away. Okay. One word. BASEBALL.


Anonymous said...

Is it Kate Hudson? do I win something if it is?
the boys

jeanbean said...

They deserve each other. Both worthless idiots. Well not quite worthless, he does have one of the largest contracts in baseball. and the only prize you win anon., is keeping your identity secret!

Annette said...

I was thinking Jennifer Aniston?