Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today's Guest Review (a little late, but it's cool anyway!) Dancing With The Stars!

 DWTS Reader Review

Hello Julia,

I have been quite flakey lately because I just got really exhausted with work and traveling. I am back for a bit. DWTS, was a blast!!!

Donny Osmond- should go home he is a showman, but it is truly a contest against his sister, Marie.
Marie, must have some pressure towards ET to keep her brother on DWTS.

Joanna, even her long blond locks and Barbie Doll figure could not keep her on the show. She had beautiful long lines, but would forget to point her toes.

Mya, is a trained dancer!!~ She would not win a 'Miss Congeniality Contest.'

Kelly Osborne, Can cry and dance. Well, what a multi-tasker. The crowd favorite as far as the one who has struggeled the most. She truly dances with her heart. It also helps having her parents at every dance performance. The one who will win on sheer determination and this will transform her life and give her a positive identity.

Okay, I do not have your talent. They would not let us take photo's inside they confiscated our phones and cameras. DARN!!!! DARN!!!!

Hugs & Love

We all know by now that StupidDonnyOsmond won. I heard he took LOTS of ballroom dancing lessons after Marie's stint on DWTS, in hopes of his own appearance. That kind of bugs me.

Nancy and Sandra
at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills

I LOVE it when you guys send me reviews - and this one was fantastic!

Thanks, Sandra!! xoxo j

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like such fun to have been at DWTS and be so close to the action! You ladies look like you could be the next contestants...