Monday, November 16, 2009

Brad and Angelina create "serpent-themed" jewelry for luxury line, Asprey

 Angelina is wearing the bracelet below.


I'd like the black ring on the right. 
Stephen? Merry Christmas? (As IF.)

It appears that I'm in the minority about loving Brad and Angelina's foray into jewelry design. Specifically, their line with Asprey called "The Protector", which is a serpent-based design. Okay, maybe the baby spoon is, well, unusual, but the rest of the line is GORGEOUS. Stunning--I'd wear a piece of the line in a heartbeat. I adore pave` diamonds and the rings and bracelets are just so cool and elegant.

The babyspoon


All kinds of other bloggers are bitching about the whole "snake-theme" as if to insinuate how "evil" these two are. Oh come ON. Take it for what it is...snakes on a wrist--for a good cause.


"Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are adding another job to their resume: jewelry designer.

The couple are creating a high-end line with Asprey called "The Protector." The baubles will consist of diamond, black diamond and emerald pavé rings, bracelets, earrings, men's cuff links, and dress studs -- in the shape of snakes.

Why the serpent theme? According to Women's Wear Daily, Jolie was given a snake ring designed by a different jeweler while pregnant with Shiloh, now 3, and considers them to be the "protector of her family.

All of the proceeds will be donated to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which was co-founded by Jolie in 2006. The charity raises awareness and money to help educate child victims of war, conflict and natural disasters.

Says Jolie in a statement, "These are the children who most need a safe place to learn, a place to heal, a place to learn reconciliation, a place to build a better future and a place -- to just be children. Yet the education for these children is often forgotten. Tens of millions of children and adolescents in conflict are not in school."

Am I alone in loving these pieces?

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Annette said...

Snakes give me goosebumps - I'm not going to join your group on this one! I'd probably admire this type of thing on somebody else without wanting to wear it myself.

jeanbean said...

I don't like it either. Protectors my ass. Since when did snakes ever protect anyone. Angelina is just trying to sell her line with a crap story. And speaking of crap, those necklaces kind of look like those fake poops they sell at novelty stores!

Annette said...

"Fake poops" - Hahahahah! THAT IS FUNNY!