Friday, November 20, 2009

My gag-reflex is in overdrive: Jessica Alba is wearing acid-washed jeans. NOOOOOO!

These jeans were ugly
the first time around in 1987;
and I should know.


William Rast jeans, for around $200.

"Invest in these 80's rockstar super skinny jeans in a black and white acid wash from William Rast. Pair with a plaid shirt or burnout tee and add a chic clutch for an edgy weekend look. Banded waist, belt loops, zip fly and button closure. Five-pocket style with signature embroidery on back pockets in black."


Don't you just love the word, "invest" in the description of the acid washed William Rast (aka Justin Timberlake's clothing line) jeans? I think it should have read "throw your money down the toilet".

Please tell me none of y'all are wearing acid wash again. Worse yet? Please don't tell me you'll be wearing them for the FIRST TIME.

Ugh. I'm so goddamn old today. 

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Shana said...

ha! those are pretty ugly!!