Friday, November 20, 2009

Kate Moss says something stupid, depending on your frame of reference.

What could be more wholesome?
Kate Moss and daughter, Lila.

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." - Kate Moss cited a phrase used on a pro-anorexia web site as her "motto", while being interviewed by fashion website WWD.

Let us bow our heads in prayer. Amen.

Awesome, Kate. Now the whole world of women who struggle with weight, food issues, body dysmorphia and a fear of the scales can now have that lovely "Pro-Ana" motto stuck in their head on a loop.

Kate has a 7 year old daughter, Lila Grace, and for Lila's recent birthday party, Kate saw to it that it was a "fashion show"-themed event. 

"The British supermodel threw a model-themed birthday party for friend Sadie Frost’s nine-year-old daughter Iris – her child with actor Jude Law.
And there, the catwalk queen taught the birthday girl and her own daughter Lila Grace, seven, her catwalk skills for a special show.

“Kate had been teaching Iris and Lila Grace how to model and how to walk the catwalk properly in preparation for the party. They could hardly have a better teacher,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling Britain’s MailOnline website.

“All of the girls at the bash wanted to be Kate. She brought along lots of clothes for them and the girls had their hair and make-up done especially. She was teaching them how to master her famous hip swagger and her “I don”t care look,’” added the source.

And apparently the youngsters enjoyed so much that Iris and Lila Grace now both want to be models like Kate."


Wow. This is all sorts of wrong. I just cannot imagine being a mother of a young girl right now, with all the pressures from the media, in general. Does Lila Grace even stand a chance? (She'll never know the joy of eating real food, that's for sure.)

Well done, Kate.


jeanbean said...

At least the clothes didn't have to be pinned. They were 7-9 year olds so they probably wear the same size as Kate. Now I know why some people should be sterilized.

DivaJulia said...

I remember my ex-husband telling me, "I don't think Kate Moss is too thin."

Eff 'em both.