Saturday, November 14, 2009

Separated at Birth: David Beckham and H.I. McDunnough

 David? REALLY?

"We're gittin' set to pop, here Honey."

FINE! You caught me. This is simply a weak reason to post my darling David Beckham (with a questionable haircut), and the trailer to my favorite movie, Raising Arizona. I actually have a hard time even remembering H.I. was played by Nicolas Cage because he kinda sucks now and looks odd. Oh--and a sidebar here, Johnny Depp is allegedly bailing Nic's ass out of his financial woes as a repayment for helping him start his career back in the day. Whatevs.

Watch the trailer...better yet, watch the movie.

"I'll just be takin' these Huggies--and whatever cash ya got."  I say that line every time I buy Huggies for Felix--because I'm a dork like that.

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jeanbean said...

I have to say, the hairstyle definitely looks better on Nicholas Cage. I think David thinks that he looks good in anything and now we have found that not to be true!