Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nicole Kidman actually looks GOOD in this ONE PARTICULAR PHOTO with Sunday Rose. Hurry and LOOK!

Pretty girls in NYC

Quick. Take a good look at Nicole. She really looks pretty here. Gorgeous hair, face in repose. Yeah, she looked scary at the CMAs last week--jumbo lips and implants that looked like grapefruit halves, but I love this picture of her, and as you know, I cannot wait to see her (and all the other divas in NINE).

I just still have a soft spot for Nicole having put up with the freakish, bully midget she was married to for 10 years. God. How did she endure such misery? I blame ScientoloTom for Nicole and her body issues. Just because.

                      S C A R Y

I blame Cruise-y for pretty much anything I can, come to think of it--the rain in Seattle, the fact that my hair takes too long to fully dry, a random headache, my gas tank being on empty...TOM CRUISE'S FAULT. 

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