Saturday, November 14, 2009

Craig Ferguson FINALLY wins in the late night TV ratings! AND, I'm officially announcing my new Late Night Imaginary Boyfriend--guess WHO?

Oh, Craig FAIRguson!

Since David Letterman has broken my heart over the  past several weeks, I've had to do some serious thinking about my late night imaginary boyfriend. I've been smitten with Craig FAIRguson (that's how I say it, so that's how you should read it) for quite awhile now. I just can't resist a man with big, googly eyes and a gorgeous smile who makes me belly laugh. And a Scottish accent to boot? Well

So, Craig and I are "over the moon" about our new relationship. We're taking it slow and not terribly willing to talk about details, but we're happy right now and that's what really matters, yes?

I happen to have a clip of lovely Annette's boyfriend Russell Brand chatting with my new boyfriend from last year. I love that we're a cute little foursome.

via: The Defamer:

"With Jay as his lead-in, Conan has been struggling badly against Letterman, and now for the first time, the the Jimmy Fallon show has fallen behind longtime also-ran CBS's Craig Ferguson. For the first time since it premiered in 2005, the Late Late Show came in first place last week with an average 1.4 rating and 1.86 million viewers compared to Fallon's 1.0 rating and 1.26 million viewers."

We're celebrating Craig's achievement later on tonight. **WINK**


Annette said...

Too funny! Can i just live the fantasy life you create for me - it's SO much better than reality!
(P.S. Write me something about Vin Diesel and a bottle of baby oil!)

Love you XXX

Annette said...

I just watched that again. They're quite adorable together. Like a couple of kids.

DivaJulia said...

I KNOW!!! I love that Craig doesn't have the stupid blue cheat cards on his desk. (He may have cuecards off the side, but still!). He's far more real and un-stuffy than the other guys on late night TV.

I'm just SMITTEN.

xoxo j

jeanbean said...

You are too funny. I have liked Craig for a while but it comes on too late. I'm glad you put Russell on because I didn't realize how funny he is. I don't like him on the VMA's. He was just too creepy. But now I know, it is that audience that is to blame. Good luck with the relationship!