Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady Gaga on Leno Monday Night..."Bad Romance" - TREMENDOUS

When I heard that Lady Gaga would be on Jay Leno tonight, my first response was, "Oh. But is Leno on Leno tonight? Ugh.". I'm glad Stephen and I suffered though (parts) of StupidJayLeno to get to The Gaga. 

I'm coming right out with it again, but with FEELING. I love her. I get her vision of performance art and music. (I still don't care for her first single, Let's Dance), but all the rest? Great. And I ADORE Bad Romance.

I have to apologize again for being so late in hopping on the Lady Gaga bandwagon. I tried to no avail.

I have succumed to The Gaga...there's no turning back.


CG - said...

I was a late comer to GaGa as well, but I agree, she's amazing. Bad Romance is awesome.

Stuart said...

I'd, personally, love to see GaGa and Blue Man work together. It'd be a marriage in Avant Garde Heaven.