Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twilight - New Moon is breakin' records up in here...

Rakin' it in

A fellow-blogger and Twitter friend from This is the A List had some funny stuff to say about her experience seeing Twilight - New Moon the other night. She saw sobbing girls and grown women dressed as Bella Swan. OhforpitySAKE.

As you can imagine, New Moon is full ON breaking box office records, regardless of crappy reviews. (Because we all know those sobbing girls and embarrassing moms are all seeing the film 7-10 times this weekend, right?) Here are some stats:

  • Debuted at around $72 million in 4024 theaters but results still coming in.
  • Breaks the record for Friday opening and single day sales ($67 million from The Dark Knight).
  • The Friday totals include the insanely high midnight screenings that brought in 26.27 million from 3514 theaters – this beats both The Dark Knight and the latest Harry Potter.
  • Tracking for a $125 opening weekend which is still under numbers for the third Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight or Spider-Man 3.
  • Last year’s Twilight brought in just under $70 million so this one is destroying it as well as expectations which had the movie likely getting close to Iron Man numbers around $100 million.
I am not in favor (thank you, Tim Gunn) of this movie beating The Dark Knight in any way, shape or form.


Anonymous said...

There - I logged in !!!! You know I can't read !!!! Guess who

DivaJulia said...

Ladies and Gentlemen...I present to you--PATRICK.

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