Sunday, November 29, 2009

Victoria Beckham's poor little feet! Bunion surgery!! OUCH.

Victoria's son Romeo is even giving
her the side-eye about those shoes.

Oh, Posh. Now I understand why you didn't call me last weekend when you were in Seattle for a day of shopping! Your little toes were hurting! You're forgiven, Love.

HolyLord, those shoes look dangerous.

via keepingyouinstiches:
The singer-turned-designer has told friends that her bunions are now so bad she is seriously considering having an operation to remove them.

The scale of Victoria’s painful bunion problem was laid bare recently when she was snapped in a pair of spiked Mulberry sandals. Now a friend of the former Spice Girl tells me: ‘Victoria has had enough of having bad feet and has made some early-stage enquiries about having her rather unpleasant bunions removed.

Am I the only one who thinks a French Pedi is creepy?

Listen. My girls out there (Cyndy, Holly, Cynthia, PATRICK!) have known me long enough to know it's still shocking to see me wearing ballet flats, but I do. I used to wear 4" stilettos to the grocery store, forpitysake. No. MORE. I gave away almost all of my high heels--most of them now belong to Dayna (see yesterday's Who Wore it Best -- those were mine.)

Even on my wedding day.

I denied til I was blue that my severe back problems had anything to do with wearing super-high heels for over 35 years. I still think the shoes were only part of the problem, but they sure didn't help. (See? Still in denial.) Of course, after I had surgery to repair my tailbone in 2006, I immediately went back to heels, but as of 2008, I wear them maybe 5-6 times a year. Why, I'll even to shopping in downtown Seattle in my flats. I know, right? Crazy!

I suspect we won't be seeing Victoria much in photos as she recovers from surgery. I know how she feels about her YSL 5" stilettos all too well. (Rumor has it she's not in favor of Louboutin's as much as she has been in the past, due to JLo's ghetto-ing up of the brand in her new song of the same name. I agree.)

Posh confessed:
“I just can’t concentrate in flats,” she told the U.K.’s GMTV on Thursday.

“I’d love to go to the gym,” she told the morning chat fest, “but I can’t get my head around the footwear.”

There is, however, an exception to her strict no-flats policy.

“When I’m at home with [husband David Beckham] and the kids, I’m always in a pair of flip flops,” she admitted. “He likes me without any makeup on – just looking really natural.”

Victoria, I'll love you just as much without your stilettos.


Annette said...

It's like thongs and shorties. Once you've tried the shorties the thongs stay in the bottom of the drawer.

DivaJulia said...

Have you been digging through my undie drawer??

xoxo j