Saturday, November 21, 2009

Victoria Beckham with her boys in N. Hollywood - and David Beckham is in SEATTLE!

"Hold my hands, boys.
Don't let Mummy fall."

I love Posh. (Really??) I really love her soft, tossled hair, now that it's growing out a bit. Check out that outfit. She's in N. Hollywood taking the boys out for frozen yogurt--in 5" YSL hidden-platform pumps. But of course! When isn't she wearing a pair stilts? LOVE her.

Here's Victoria's explanation for her pin-thinness:

“I’m not going to lie – I’m not one of those people that says, ‘Oh, I eat hamburgers’. I eat salad. And I start off every day with a double espresso. Then I get on the running machine and I run like a bat out of hell.”


Oh, but guess who's in Seattle this weekend?? David!!



"Beckham admits he is facing a fight to be fully fit for LA Galaxy’s Major League Soccer Cup final, the American championship game, against Real Salt Lake at the Qwest Field arena.

The 34-year-old arrived here last night still wearing a protective boot after suffering bruising to his right ankle in last weekend’s play-off victory, an injury which prevented him from any training until a gentle run out in Los Angeles yesterday."

Here is Becks at The Metropolitan Grill in Seattle last night. (Ummm..why not Icon Grill, Mister?) 

Oh, David Beckham.

Stephen (my husband) wondered aloud today, "Why didn't we get a call last night from David?" I told him it was because Victoria is still in Los Angeles--you know how men are sometimes.

We both live in a dreamworld...and we're very happy there.

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