Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Killer Inside Me - Jessica Alba's SPANKING scene? SO NSFW. I MEAN it.

Ummm, I repeat: Not Safe For Work.


So, earlier today I was watching Sesame Street with Felix, and Jessica Alba pops up to discuss the word scrumptious. She shows us a pizza, a fruit salad and then a cake, who leers at Jessica, telling her that SHE'S scrumptious! Really?? Inappropriate much?

So Alex picks up Felix awhile ago, and I get online to do my so-called work and what have we here??? Jessica Alba getting spanked - HARD - by Casey Affleck in their upcoming film, The Killer Inside Me. Wow.

In case you're interested in seeing something TOTALLY safe for work, here's the Sesame Street clip.  

What do we think if all this?

1 comment:

jeanbean said...

I think it is a little creepy. My husband would agree with the cake though...and probably wouldn't mind spanking her either!