Monday, October 19, 2009

Barf-Inducing (and STD-spreading) Couple (hook-up) Number 2 - Lindsay Lohan and Balthazar (BGet) Getty! fresh, so clean.

B.Get - total douche

If anyone is near this "couple"--if you can call them a couple--I think it's a hook-up, which  is entirely different, I'm sure you're flapping your arms around due to the gnats, flies, STDs and cocaine flying in your vicinity, yes?

Uh huh, that's right.

This hot mess of a two-some was seen "canoodling"  (Jaaayzus, I hate that word) at the hot new club, Voyeur over the weekend. Apparently, they left together. Getty is still married (not that it matters to Sienna Miller or Lindsay) and Lindsay is, well...LINDSAY. Both are into the drugs, inappropriate behavior and are MADE for each other! AWESOME.

Seriously, Falcon. I need that puke bowl.

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The Zimmerman Gang said...

Does she really have shhh tattooed on her finger? Good grief!