Thursday, October 8, 2009

Roman Polanski is caught by Chris Hansen on "To Catch a Predator"--lured by the sweet tea!

I know this supposed to be funny; I mean, I think it is. EVERYONE wants to see Roman Polanski questioned by Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator on NBC. This mash-up of an old interview with the serial pedophile and "respected auteur" along with bits of Chris Hansen doing his best "I'm Chris Hansen".  Funny stuff.

What's not so funny is how un-effing-remorseful Polanski seems.  He's NOT sorry, and feels he's done his time. After all, he can't help it that he has a thing for young girls. What's the problem??

God, I hate this piece of shit. I'd like to post the most current list of pro-child molesters in Hollywood (WHAT? Isn't that what they are??) for your perusal.

Isn't it ironic that even though it's an alphabetized list, Woody Allen is FIRST?

Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, Monica Bellucci, Gael Garcia Bernal, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ethan Coen, Robert Cohen, Penelope Cruz, Jonathan Demme, Stephen Frears, Terry Gilliam, Buck Henry, David Heyman, Larry Levine, David Lynch, Michael Mann, Jeanne Moreau, Alexander Payne, Brett Ratner, Isabelle Ruh, Julian Schnabel, Martin Scorsese, Tilda Swinton, Julie Turcas, Isabelle Adjani, Harrison Ford, Taylor Hackford, Isabelle Huppert, Jeremy Irons, Neil Jordan, Sam Mendes, Camille Meyer, Mike Nichols, Natalie Portman, Salman Rushdie, Kristin Scott Thomas, William Shawcross, Steven Soderbergh, Diane von Furstenberg, Margaret Walker, Scott Foundas

via (LA Weekly).

Eff ALL of you. We'll see how supportive you artistes are if your child is the victim of molestation--and judging by the size of the list, I'd say someone's kid already has been given that lovely opportunity. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not my Jeremy Irons. Well, that does it...scratching him off my list of daydream lovers. SH*T!

DivaJulia said...

Anon: Makes a little more sense that he was in the remake of "Lolita", yes?