Monday, October 26, 2009

THIS will not end well. Julia Roberts in a bikini with Javier Bardem.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

There was a time when I was a fan of Julia Roberts. I couldn't watch a film of hers without crying...that vulnerable, doe-eyed girl onscreen with the face that the camera loved.

Slowly over the years her image of being a--how shall I put it--homewrecker--became quite off putting. The lustre was gone from the ingenue, and the hard facade was all that was...and IS left. I don't fall for the "million dollar smile" anymore. With nearly every film she's made, Julia has also come away with a new man, including her current husband, cameraman Danny Moder (who was married at the time) during the filming of The Mexican. Need more of an actual list? Voila`.

Danny Moder, husband (2002 to present)

Benjamin Bratt, ex-boyfriend (1997 to 2001)
Matthew Perry, ex-boyfriend (1996)
Lyle Lovett, ex-husband (1993 to 1995)
Jason Patric, ex-boyfriend (1991 to 1992)
Kiefer Sutherland, ex-boyfriend (1990 to 1991, engaged)
Dylan McDermott, ex-boyfriend (1988 to 1990, engaged)
Liam Neeson, ex-boyfriend (1987 to 1988)

I'm just sayin'. The countdown has begun. 

So is Javier Bardem still with the lovely Penelope Cruz? We'll see, won't we? Because here he is with his co-star Julia Roberts filming Eat, Pray, Love in Rome.

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sumyandmontysma said...

i agree with you on this one J, but let me tell you her performance in steel magnolias gets me everytime..the scene where she is in trudys barber shop and has that diabetic meltdown.."dont talk about me like im not here" and her in the hospital bed in the coma.. and sally field is there...."open your shelby open your eyes" wooohoooooo tears from me for sure!