Monday, October 5, 2009

Jon Gosselin empties joint bank account...oh, no he DITN'T!!

HELL to the no! That little bitch Jon Gosselin asswiped out over $230,000 from the joint bank account he has with Kate over the weekend. Now, in all fairness, he did leave Kate and his EIGHT MOUTHS TO FEED $1000. 

What's Kate bitching about? Oh, she'll fill you in. Watch the video. Oh, gurrrl.

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jeanbean said...

Please! I cannot stand either of these people. They have become the scum of the Earth. Kate trying to pass herself off as a poor victim and her pathetic ex disgust me. She didn't want the story out but then shows up on the Today show. GOOD GAWD! Enough already.Pull the plug TLC or I will stop watching everything else you put on. And as far as Kate needing $100,000 to feed her kids, I want to know if I can come over for dinner. There were 8 kids in my family and my dad still hasn't spent that much on us and we are all grown and moved out!!!