Sunday, October 25, 2009

Noah Cyrus? I'm calling Child Protective Services on your dad, Billy Ray. FYI.

People? Parents? Noah Cyrus is 9 years of age.

This is what I wake up to on a Sunday morning?? Jesus wept. I don't care if Slutoween Halloween is upon us. This. Is. Unacceptable. What is it with this Hillybillyraycyrus family?

Here is Miley's little sister at a the 16th Annual Dream Halloween. This little event was held in Santa Monica last night, with proceeds going to the Children Affected with AIDS Foundation...which is great. But wow.

Honestly, is it just ME?  


Annette said...

I'm completely shocked by that. Mental to let a kid dress like that whatever the occasion. Do you think the whole family sit around on the couch eating popcorn and watching hard porn on a Saturday night?

Annette said...

P.S. What are you dressing up as this time?

Annette said...

I like the use of Carter's "jesus wept" which is most apt in this post!

Anonymous said...

OK - SJP may look like a horse - but this little girl is a "goat" if I ever saw one - H

DivaJulia said...

H - I TOTALLY agree with you.

I wonder if Hillbilly Ray is ordering the velvet wallpaper for his very own brothel.