Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nicole Kidman Goes Before Congress to Stop Violence Against Women

Wait. WHO is that? Kylie Minogue?
Yeah. This is the same woman
from the photo above.
Apparently, it's Nicole Kidman.

Good for Nic (as her ex-husband Patrick Bateman StupidTomCruise used to call her, for speaking out against violence against women. I appreciate her speaking up about Hollywood and the constant exploitation of women in film and in the "real world:. Certain women *COUGHmeganfoxCOUGH* will continue their vapid careers by portraying dumb bitches, but at lease Nicole is taking a stand.


"SHE has made millions and garnered worldwide fame from the movie business - but Australian star Nicole Kidman believes Hollywood contributes to the exploitation of women.

Appearing before a US Congressional hearing on sweeping new laws to tackle violence against women, Kidman said she regularly rejected roles that she felt portrayed women in a negative way.

"If I feel that it's exploitative to women then I'll pass," said Kidman, whose career features strong female roles in such films as Australia, Moulin Rouge and her Oscar-winning performance in The Hours.

"I can't be responsible for the whole of Hollywood but I can be responsible for my own career."

Asked if Hollywood had contributed to exploitation of women, Kidman agreed it "probably" had. "You can always cite certain films but, as an individual, I don't want to participate in that," she told the hearing at the Capitol in Washington.

...Kidman urged swifter action and said about one third of all women would be abused at some point in their lives.

"Violence against women is not prosecuted because it is not a priority," she said.

"We can change this by leadership, wise investments and building local partnerships."


May I change the subject for a moment? How about a discussion regarding the body/facial dismorphia Nicole seems to be struggling with  Nic just turned 42. I wonder how many "procedures" our gal has had? Wow. She's un-bloody-recognizeable in the top photo. What exactly was wrong with her face that she felt the need to plump and paralyze it so drastically?

Thoughts? Or is it just me? 

Oh, and FYI. I got a bit of Botox today. I'll discuss that very and all.


jeanbean said...

Good for Nicole. As far as her looks, maybe she is just trying to get Tom off of her still. As far as your treatment, I'm glad you said something, I thought you were just day dreaming!

DivaJulia said...

Yeah...I may do a blog on it. Pictures and EVERYTHING.

Annette said...

I want to see that. And i will be right on your case when and if you start looking like Nicole.

DivaJulia said...

Annette: Silly girl. I've been getting Botox for over 6 years now.

Do I look like Nicole? I'll show the pics once it "sets in".

xoxo j