Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prince! What the goddamnhell are you wearing at Paris Fashion Week?

"Don't go for second best, baby..."--
Oh, wait.

Doesn't Prince totally look like he's doing a street performance of Madonna's "Express Yourself" in Paris yesterday? Yeah. Here he is headed to a Fendi party or something. Pssh.

WHAT the goddamnhell is Prince Rogers Nelson wearing? The neckpiece looks like it was left over from a Real Housewives reunion show (you pick which one--I can't make a valid decision--Orange County maybe?) The rest of his get-up is obviously from Kohl's Half-Price Itty Bitty Lingerie Department.

Oh, Prince.

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Jilly said...

What the eff is that around his neck? It looks like a Beanie Baby is strangling him!! Ugh!