Friday, October 30, 2009

Project Runway Rundown...aka Weekly Bitchfest

Season 4's Chris March's video review

Oh, yes. I'm still hanging on to Project Runway, even though I don't really give a single CRAP about any of these desiiiiignerrrrss. (That was Tim Gunn speaking.) In all honesty, I watch it only so I can hear Tim say, "Desiiiignerrrrrs. Use. The. Macy's Accessory Wall. THOUGHTFULLY", each and every episode. Oh, Tim.

I swear to God, I want to slap the bitchface right off that bitch Irina, but I LOVE her designs. Her "Aspen" look is still killing me (in a good way) and her companion piece sweater made me gasp it was so tremendous. Althea (who won the Challenge) and Irina gave the side-eye so hard to each other it made my head hurt, since they both made sweaters and hated each other for the audacity of it all. Carol Hannah (I hear "Daryl Hannah", though) whipped up a darling black cocktail dress that I would wear in a heartbeat. There's just something so odd about her face. Maybe it's the 8000 layers of mascara she applies, I'm not sure. Yeeesh.

In the end, the pretty boy from Seattle was booted...and rightly so. He never even won a challenge and he was in the bottom six? Crazy.

All I know is Bedskirt Christopher is going to cry like a 7th grade girl a-bloody-GAIN next week. I want to kick him right in the shins for that behavior. Knock it off!

Speaking of how there will never be a desiiiignerrrr on Project Runway as amazing as Christian Siriano--did any of you catch him on Oprah yesterday? I could eat him with a spoon!!

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