Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brad Pitt Hit on Motorcycle by Stupid Paparazzi in CAR?

Brad, just mindin' his own bidness...

Get a load of this crap. 

“X17online can report exclusively that Brad Pitt fell off his motorcycle after hitting the back of a car in Hollywood just ten minutes ago.”

So, yeah. Wanna know just HOW X17online got this scoop?? THEY EFFING CAUSED IT!!!

via (stupid) X17online:

“...that Brad was apparently hit from behind by a paparazzo driving a Saturn just moments before the incident occurred. 
“The bump by the photographer’s car caused Brad to lose his balance and hit the car in front of him, but it took a few seconds for the tap to jostle Brad off of his bike. 

As far as we know, there was no damage to the motorcycle or to the car but as you can imagine, Brad was very upset with the pap.

“Our photographers witnessed him yelling at the guilty pap as he pulled his bike from the street.”

Shit, ya THINK?? I's gonna happen again, with far more harrowing results (Princess Diana, anyone?).

I cannot believe these assholes are reporting this accident as if they just happened upon the scene. Jaaayzus H.

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monty_987 said...

Death to motorists who hit bikers.

Then again, I'm biased.