Sunday, October 18, 2009

Katy Perry Kissing Russell Brand and REALLY liked it...who WOULDN'T?

Hell, yeah!
Photo via EXTRA

I realize I haven't given any special time to this sweet, virginal couple--I wanted to see if it lasted even a weekend first. Apparently, it has

Katy Perry and Russell Brand hooked up at the MTV VMAs several weeks ago. Word is that they were making out all over the place at an after-party. (Who does that?) Here we are though, a good month or so afterward and they are still together. 

Now, what about Russell's clain that he beds three different women per day? Maybe Katy just puts on some of her retarded costumes from her tour, like the little banana get-up she sported awhile back.

Katy singing, "Like a Virgin" a while back.
I hope she saved this little outfit. 
Getty Images

I just don't know if Russell will remain true to our girl, do you? 


Annette said...

Won't last but i'll buy the unauthorized video of them doing it if ever it exists. I bet they could put all the others to shame.

DivaJulia said...

Annette: Everything you just said? EXACTLY. And yeah, I want the video, too. Umm....just for research purposes, of course.

xoxo j