Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday, Katy Perry! (And a Separated at Birth!)

 HA! Fooled ya! That's my
daughter-in-law, Dayna!

 Oh, Katy. Hello Kitty is so boring.

Work it OUT, Dayna!!

So, if y'all think Katy Perry's got a great figure, you can just take a look at Felix's mom, Dayna! BOOM. Game over.

But yeah, Happy 25th Birthday, Katy. Say HI to Russell for me? 


jeanbean said...

Happy Birthday! Aside from looking great, she also has better taste in men!!!

Annette said...

Hope she had a great day!

Annette said...

Whoops - I don't give a stuff that it's Katy Perry's birthday. I got completely distracted looking at Dayna's boobs and forgot whose birthday it was!

DivaJulia said...

JB: It was Katy's birthday...Dayna and I share a birthday in April. I just thought it would be funny to show how tremendous Day-Day is--and looks even BETTER than Katy. Plus Dayna has a ONE-YEAR OLD baby.

Work it, girl!

xoxo j