Friday, October 23, 2009

My second-favorite Project Runway designer, Chris March reviews last night's show--MEEEOW.

This dress was PERFECTION, remember??

I'm afraid Project Runway will never, ever top Season 4 with Christian, Chris, Sweet Pea, et's a simple fact of life.  There will forever be comparisons to that fantastically talented group. (Oh, I heard Christian Siriano, that fierce little winning bitch, will be on Oprah next week! Check your TV listings!) Thank goodness someone picked up Chris March and his hilarious criticisms (and laugh) to review this season's snore/bitchfest.

Chris nails it on everything. Especially regarding what a C U Next Tuesday Irina is. I screeeeeam at the TV when she's on dogging everyone's else's work ethic--even if she's right. Having said that? I'd totally wear her winning design from last night.

HIP OH CRIT. That's me, y'all!!


Shana said...

you know, i share the same exact birthday as christian from season 4! haven't seen the show though. i'm not fashionable :( ..... boo me!

DivaJulia said...


Watch'll die (of laughter).

Ferosha Coutura, bitches!!!

I want a full report.

xoxo j

Shana said...

LOVED it!!! he's hilarious <3

DivaJulia said...

Shana - YAY!!! Oh, and I do a great impersonation of HIM, too! Still available at parties! HAHAHAAA!

"Ohmygod I'm gonna die of barfness...."

Chris said...

I love Chris March! And you are right Julia, season 4 was the best group of talent =)