Monday, October 12, 2009

Stinkfoot Suri - "What's Wrong With This Picture?" Edition

Whatever Stinkfoot wants...

Take a good look at this photo...I'll wait.

Okay. Here we have yet another chilly fall season upon us, and the parents of Stinkfoot Suri Cruise refuse to put socks or tights or a GD coat on that child. Now listen. I understand that she probably screams louder than a pissed off cockatoo when ASKED (not told) to put on a sweater.

Check out all of the full-grown dudes in coats and sweaters--and her mom, DeadEye Katie is in jeans, boots, long sleeves, a scarf and a nice hot cup of barley coffee. But there's Stinkfoot in a flimsy little summer dress and her little designer pumps with bare legs in BOSTON, where it was around 45 degrees on Sunday.

Oh, but I forgot. Suri is millions of Xenu years old and actually has a say in her upbringing. I'm going to say it now: Suri Cruise is becoming a little monster right before our eyes. 


Annette said...

Bet she gets the nasty smelling Green Squits all the time.

Annette said...

Maybe she's a scientologue cyborg-clone who doen't feel a chill?

Jewels said...

Robots don't get cold... ;)

And Paris Hilton 2.0, coming right up!