Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jeff Goldblum!!

Oh. Jeff--where are those fabulous teeth?
Awwww, yes. There they are.

Jeff Goldblum is sex on a stick--a disco stick, if you will. (Thanks, Lady Gaga, for that.) I've had a crush on Jeff since, what? 1980? He's offbeat gorgeous. So tall--6'4" (!), and graceful physique, and strong and distinguised nose and devilish eyes.

I'm the first to say Johnny Depp was fantastic in Sleepy Hollow, but the BEST Ichabod Crane of all time was Jeff in an NBC made-for-TV movie made in 1981. If you ever get a chance to put that in your queue, do it. You'll love it.

Happy Birthday, Jeff, you handsome devil, you!


jeanbean said...

I have always liked him cause he is so quirky. Sexy in a subtle way!

kprice said...

Oh! I've always loved him too!