Monday, October 5, 2009

Shiloh and Zahara Shop With Mama Angelina

 Zahara is WORKIN' it.

Mama's looking a bit scrawny, no?

Check out the Diva Zahara hopping outta that SUV. How many pictures of Naomi Campbell being helped out of her limo have we seen that look just like this? I'm in love with Z. That gorgeous smile she's flashing is all in preparation for her early teen years when she's the wild child of the runway.

Naomi Campbell = Z in 10 years.

And then...we have Chaz Bono Shiloh (I'm using that reference every time, so get used to it). Bless her heart. 

via ONTD:

"...Angelina took her girls to Intermarch, a French supermarket in Brignoles, where she picked up chips, Barbie Dolls, sausage, and a remote controlled car."

I wonder who played with which toys...

Oh, before I forget... here are the TWINS with Brad and Angie while they were all in Syria a few days ago. Apparently, Jordan is known for having delicious ice-cream. Who knew?

via Huffington Post:

EEEEEK!! It's The TWINS, y'all!!!

"After visiting Iraqi refugees in Syria to raise awareness of their plight, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie returned to Amman Jordan, where they were spotted at a local ice cream parlor, Licky Licious, with their 15-month old twins, Knox and Vivienne.

A fellow ice-cream goer saw the family, who posed for a photo, then tweeted it. Jolie got mango ice cream, Pitt got pecan and caramel."

I think it's so funny how gigantic 1-year old baby heads are compared to the rest of their bodies. Check out Knox's heeeed!

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Annette said...

You heard the rumours about him and Aniston meeting up?