Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Tattoo Edition

Yeah. My feet. Shut up.

"This past weekend this C list cable reality star who had his own show spoke at an event addressing tattoos, taboos and Jews but he did talk a bit about his TV show a bit as well. As an admittedly non-practicing Jew he was asked if he had any Jewish tattoos. His reply? “I have a dollar sign on my hand.” Some in the audience laughed, most did not. Know your audience dude.

He recognized how reality TV had changed his life financially for the better and that it opened many doors for him, but he also spent considerable time complaining about the show. He did not enjoy it and never wanted to do subsequent season(s) but was tied to obligations in his contract. He complained about how the producers wanted to make each episode about death. He felt less like an artist and more like he was playing psychiatrist to the customers. He seemed very bitter about the experience."

via CDaN

I quit watching this show for the very same reason Mr. Cranky Tattoo Jew is bitter. Too maudlin with all the "death" tatt I mean, subject matter. Needed to get back to being badass.

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Stuart said...

I would never have guessed him to be Jewish. He needs to go back to what made him famous in the first place. His first show could still fit on the current Discovery Channel programming.