Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Build-up to the Big Taste and Tweet at Icon Grill...


"Valley of the Dolls", y'all.

Before at Dina S. Good Salon

AFTER! Thank you, April!

OhgoodLord. I trotted around yesterday more than I have in ages. (Not counting chasing my MeatPie grandson around!) I needed to get me "some pretty" for my big "Taste and Tweet" at Icon Grill later in the evening.

James (and his assistant, Dante`--or Durwood, as James calls him) gave me some fierce hair yesterday. After all of the boys had a good, hard laugh (ahem) at my "peen thumb" they got down to business by making my head at least, live up to my screen name--DIVA. Oh, Sugardaddy's Salon, and I love my Boys! 

Afterward, I drove like a nut into the city for April to work her magic on my eyelashes. I leave the Dina S. Good Salon feeling so pretty every. Single. TIME. I cannot recommend her eyelash extensions enough. Worth every penny.

While we're on the subject of "worth every penny", y'all should know this: I do not get, nor do I expect free services from these hardworking artists. In this ecomony, it's important to keep these kinds of businesses IN business. I appreciate the lovely people who keep me looking good. So, given the fact that I am in no way compensated for my glowing reviews--rest assured that my opinions of these fabulous salons are from the heart...not the pocketbook. 


Jilly said...

You. Look. Mahvelous!!! Every inch a diva!! WooHoo!!

Annette said...

Every bit of you looks Absolutely Fabulous - even the peen!