Friday, October 23, 2009

Damn it, Lindsay!


You CANNOT tell me Lindsay Lohan doesn't know her boobie is falling out. Oh, there were certainly more explicit shots, but I tend not to show "nip slips" here on Dipped in Cream. And for once I can even tell you that I didn't look at the revealing pictures that are all over The Internets right now. (It's a first.)

I highly doubt  Linds was shopping for a well-fitting brassiere in this shot. 




Jina said...

Lindsey is the train-wreck I watch, but through the slit in my fingers that I am covering my eye's with so I can still see what idiotic and utterly stupid thing she's going to do next. It is a GIRL like her that make me value the woman I am becoming today.

DivaJulia said...

My Darling are the antitheses of Lindsay. I'm proud to have known you since your were FIVE years old. Every year you become more elegant, educated and focused.

I just adore you...but you already know that.

xoxo j

Jina said...

not to make this a love fest, but i look up to you in so many aspects. You are one of the most resilient and amazing people in my life. I have a plethora of love and respect for you. always have, always will.

DivaJulia said...

You know that if I could cry, Jina...I would. I love you, Dolly.