Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Guest Review - MILEY CYRUS, Chicago 10/27/2009

 Rachel - waiting for Miley!

What a DOLLY!!

This is one the cutest things I've received here on Dipped in Cream. A beautiful little 5 year old girl named Rachel gave her mom Rebecca, her little review of the Miley Cyrus concert the other night in Chicago. 

These are ENTIRELY Rachel's words:

"I like Miley Cyrus songs.Mileys brother started the show, he was funny, I didnt really like his music though. I was so happy when Miley came on.I liked Mileys clothes.My favorite outfit was the dress she wore when she sang "Bottom of the ocean". My Daddy bought me a glowstick and I really like it.My favorite song that I danced to was " creepy little sneaky fly on the wall" (actual name of the song is "Fly on the wall") I liked her microphone, and i liked her hair.The cool thing happened when Miley was in the air on the motorcycle with strings. I have 2 more favorite songs that I like .. " Let's get crazy"& "Bottom of the ocean" i wish i could meet Miley. I want to go again to see her, I really miss her."

That. Is. PRECIOUS. Thank you so much, Rachel. I have an entirely different idea of Miley now that I see her through your eyes.

Honestly? Miley looks like she puts on a great show...and just seeing little Rachel's face made my heart swell. Please go to this YouTube site that Rachel's mom gave me. Dar-LING.

I  better watch my back. Rachel's set to take over my job.



sumyandmontysma said...

awwwww J!!! I love it!!!! it turned out great!! cant wait till she sees it...

Jilly said...

Oh how sweet is that? What an articulate little darling. Yay Rachel!!

jeanbean said...

She is a doll. The sad thing though is that Miley doesn't realize that this is her audience. Quit dressing like a slut and think about the example you set, Miley!

sumyandmontysma said...

y know, i was mad at Miley for a second for the pole dancing and the slutty clothes.., but she doesnt wear that kind of stuff on and everyday basis.. she s on stage .. putting on a show..i think the sexy image shes puttin out is the country girl in her.. alot of country stars wear tight stuff and sexy outfits... shes 17.. it does seem so young put compared to most of the other young stars out there she is pretty wholesome..britney was 15 and half naked talkin about how she wanted get hit one more time..i wish i couldve obliged her.its hard to find a good role model for younger girls... Miley has done alright for herself.. shes smart, writes most of her own songs and actually sings and dances at her concerts... while holding the microphone.. none of this headset crap.. shes does it the old fashioned way.. she has a better head on her shoulders than i did when i was her age...