Friday, October 16, 2009

Lindsay Lohan proves once again that celebrities are above the law...even skanky ones.

Lindsay, in her signature Finger Pose.

Lindsay Lohan received another year of probation (for at least one DUI--I've lost count at this point) while in court today. 


"The order for Ms. Lohan to appear is a routine thing for all DUI cases," court spokeswoman Vania Stuelp told PEOPLE on Thursday. "We're expecting her to be present [Friday] for a progress report."

A law enforcement source tells PEOPLE, "It's not that Lohan failed a drug test or anything, but it's an issue with her alcohol education program. It's all up to the judge Friday to determine what's going to happen to her. The judge could extend her probation for another year."

Lindsay's excuse for not completing her drug and alcohol education classes (is she teaching them--i.e. a How-To Seminar, perhaps?) is due to the fact that...wait for it...she's been "busy working". Oh. 

So. Let's define "working", shall we? 

1.) Partying in Vegas

2.) Partying in NYC

3.) Partying in Paris

4.) Partying in Singapore (Oh, wait. She did host a Formula One event--

And in between all of those parties, she partied in Los Angeles. A LOT.

Check this shit out:


"The 23-year-old actress was placed on three years of probation in 2007 after she pleaded guilty to two counts of being under the influence of cocaine, and no contest to two counts of drunken driving and one count of reckless driving. She spent 84 minutes in jail."

We all just need to come to terms with the fact that as celebrities, the real laws do not apply. Look at Mel Gibson, who just had his criminal record wiped clean in relation to his 2006 racial slur-fueled DUI arrest. (Remember how he said the "Jews were responsible for everything?)

I wonder what would happen to me if I got pulled over in Malibu for a DUI and called the officer "Sugar Tits"  Believe me. I don't want to find out. 


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sumyandmontysma said...

sugar tits?????!!! i LOVE it!! you are the best thanks for yet another laugh!