Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've come down with a severe case of Concert Envy - Prince at Paisley Park in Minneapolis!

You sexy MoFo.

I'm so old and tired now that I hardly ever go to a concert, it seems. But I tell ya what--I'd have given my right arm (or something) to have been able to see this sexy bitch's show at Paisley Park last night. 

You do realize that Paisley Park Studios is Prince's luxe personal studio and office space, and around 1000 people fit into the concert area to watch that hot little man play for three solid hours. I say, GOD-DAAAYUM. 


"Prince performed Saturday night at his Paisley Park Studios to a small crowd of 1000 people.  He jammed for 3 solid hours singing hits like "1999," "Controversy," "Raspberry Beret" and of course "Purple Rain".  He played homage to the Jackson 5 playing "I Want You Back," "Dancin' Machine" and "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground."  Sly and the Family Stone bassist (and close personal friend of Prince) was also there and got on stage to do some Sly hits like "Thank You," "I Want to Take You Higher" and "Everyday People."

With his horn-less band, Prince has never sounded funkier at Paisley. He was talkative and humorous, loose and spontaneous, calling out songs and arrangements as well as an occasional "so-low" for himself on guitar. To witness that kind of organic musicmaking always feels special -- especially when it's a well-drilled, first-rate band like Prince's -- even if you have to put up with the bandleader frequently telling the sound guy how to adjust the mix.

Prince saluted the Time, the Doobie Brothers and the Jackson 5 in song and verbally acknowledged his debt ("I wouldn't be who I am without...") to James Brown, the Jacksons, Chaka Khan, Rufus, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Joni Mitchell and Tower of Power. His pal Larry Graham sat in on bass for a series of Sly & the Family Stone tunes, and backup singer Shelby J, a powerhouse from the southern soul/gospel school, stepped out front on a couple of selections, most notably "The Arms of an Angel."

But this show was about Prince, his love of funk and his guitar prowess. He even offered a little "country western" guitar passage, as he playfully put it, and one of his more passionate versions of "Purple Rain" to close the evening. He danced only briefly, during "Kiss," but handpicked some fans to come onstage and dance, a longstanding Paisley tradition at any hour."

Prince also made this a local charity event, and asked that canned goods and winter coats be donated. 

I'm never too tired for Prince. 

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