Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do Not Attempt to Hug The Angelina!!

"I said, BACK THE EFF UP!"

Apparently Angelina Jolie doesn't enjoy, nor does she look forward to, HUGS. This crazy story is all over The Internets today. You know what? I don't enjoy hugs from people I barely know, either. 

I'm sure The Gorgeous One adores hugs from her kids and Brad. She has no reason to feel obligated to hug perfect strangers (unless it's BALKI, because he rocks right now), if she doesn't want to. 

Honestly, with the new H1N1 Plague going around, I want to wrap myself in plastic...but not in a Laura Palmer/Twin Peaks kinda way.


busybee said...

ug at the spa people want to hug me all the time.

Keep back! I know I just spent an hour touching them, but it was on my terms.


Annette said...

I'm a Brit so i don't like either. I like 6ft of space between me and other person plus a "hello!". A hand shake is acceptable. Here in France we don't do the hugs but we do have to do the kissy thing. It's such a pain when you're not sure if you're friendly enough with someone to go for "la bise" or not. And then you have to guess whether it's 2 or 4 kisses - there's no rule to follow. Way too complicated. It should be if-it's-not-in-your-family-and-you-haven't-slept-with-it-don't-kiss-it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Southerner and I don't like all the hugs/touchy feely stuff either.