Saturday, October 10, 2009

I love you guys so bad...but, "No Homo", right? HA!

THIS is pretty goddamned funny for a Saturday morning.

Just because I would TOTALLY break my lesbian cherry (isn't that Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor?) with Portia DeRossi....ya know, no homo, right? Pssh. As IF. How 'bout Total Homo? That's more like it.


For these rappers to feel the constant need to say "no homo" in their lyrics means only one thing: They're all on the down low. (I love making blanket statements), and for those of y'all who might not know what I'm referring to, check this out: ).

C'mon you rappers out there (because I know you're readin' this), IT'S ALL GOOD!!

Oh, Li'l Wayne. Oh, Kanye. Don't you know what a positive impact it would be (sorta?) to the gay community if you would just come OUT already?

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TL/DR said...

ok, my card is about to get revoked, but I use, "thats gay" and "no homo" more times in a day than lil wayne, no homo.

p.s. it's also a synonym for "on the reals" which means, "seriously/no joke"