Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Talk Show Trouble at Home Edition

"Which talk show host is having personal problems that are spilling onto the set? A standoff with their significant other is in the works, and it really seems to be distracting the star. Plus there are always the usual production issues, guests, ratings, and advertisers to worry about. They just have way too much on their plate right now.

They are only getting about four hours of sleep a night, and are so wired from the day that they have to take a sleeping pills every night to even fall asleep, and something else in the morning to get them moving. Our star has even occasionally fallen asleep during staff meetings which they are supposed to be leading.

While some shows have stars or hosts whom can be easily substitute, that's not this case. This star is going to have to get their act together, kick the pills, and delegate some of the responsibilities before they wind up in a hospital or off the air."

via [Blind Gossip]

Three choices: David Letterman (sadface!); Ellen; or Jimmy Kimmel. I really don't want it to be Dave or Ellen...or even Jimmy. This is sad.


jeanbean said...

My guess is Dave. He seems to have the most going on. I know you love him, but I feel for his wife. Going through something like this in the public would be the worst thing!

DivaJulia said...

You know, I'm almost feeling it's Jimmy. People who work there are not as supportive as Dave's employees. And yeah, I feel for Regina, too. Now there are whispers of a SEXTAPE--probably filmed by the creep who blackmailed him.

UGH. Dave won't do well with all this mess.