Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Premiere in Los Angeles Last Night

 Why the GoddamnHELL was Paris Hilton invited? Oh, that's right. Her mom, Kathy says she "went to school with Michael". Really? All I've heard is how those Jackson kids were tutored. (Wait. My mind just crawled into the gutter. Was Kathy a "tutor" for those boys? Nevermind.) AND, of course Paris claims that Michael named his daughter Paris AFTER HER. 

So here's Paris Hilton, trying to looked serious and fierce (instead she just looks raggedy in a homemade safety pin 1990s Versace Halloween costume a` la Elizabeth Hurley from back in the day.) Sigh. You know what? I work damn hard on this blog, and I wasn't asked to attend this Premiere.

Ugh. Parisite.

The film itself sounds like it was quite a powerful experience. Prior to the showing, director/choreographer and good friend of Michael's spoke:


"Before the two-hour film began, Director Kenny Ortega (pictured with Jermaine) tried to explain what the late pop singer was hoping to accomplish with the tour and why they chose the massive Nokia Theatre to premiere the movie.

“Tonight we come together in the name of one of the greatest entertainers known in our times and a man whose heart pumped to make this world a better place: Michael Jackson,” Ortega said. “This Is It is, and always has been from the time we started, for the fans. The Nokia became our first residence. It is where we held auditions and where Michael hand-selected many of the creative artists who joined him for this. It is with great pride that we are premiering it here tonight.”

Katy Perry and Adam Lambert

Paula Abdul

NKOTB alum Joey McIntyre - 
clearing wearing the shirt I've been looking for.

 Is it just me, or do Tito, Jackie and Marlon
look positively ecstatic being back in the limelight?
Enjoy it, fellas. Ain't gonna last.

Of COURSE I'm going to see this film. Are you guys? 

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jeanbean said...

What an ego Paris has. But then what do you expect. A friend saw it today in Vegas and all he could say was WOW! I will be seeing it next week. Bringing my kleenex. Oh about those brothers, sad!
P.S. i would have given you a ticket to this just because of your incredible work here!!!