Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is that my THUMB or am I just happy to see y'all?


So awesome, you guys. Saturday night I was trying to take care of Stephen, who's been sick with a nasty cold. I was in the midst of making a lovely beef with wine and mushroom recipe--chopping onions--and proceeded to chop off the tip of my left thumb. Yeah. NAST. The piece of thumb was ON THE CUTTING BOARD. 

I guess I don't have to come right out and tell y'all that the bandaging of my thumb looks like a peen...but there you have it.

                         Icon Grill

I have been given the amazing opportunity tonight to be an online food critic,  if you will, for a fantastic restaurant in Seattle, Icon Grill (www.icongrill.com). I'm not sure how much regular blogging today because of all the preparation I have to do for this event. I can't even do my own hair, so off I go to see James at Sugardaddy's Salon (www.sugardaddyssalon.com) who is being kind enough to help a sister out. (Oh, I'm sure I'll get my fair share of verbal abuse while I'm there, but it's worth the shame--believe me.) 

              Sugardaddy's Salon


I will indeed have pictures of my whole day, I've decided. I'll also be seeing the gorgeous ladies at the Dina S. Good Salon (www.dinasgood.com/) in Seattle to get my eyelash extensions touched up. Sweet!! I LOVE my extensions.

            Dina S. Good Salon

In summary, I don't have any stitches on my thumb because there was nothing left to stitch--and the tip of my thumb went down the garbage disposal. Oh, and it hurts like a mofo.

Gross enough for everyone??   


Anonymous said...

curl the fingers darling.
or is this your way of getting the penis you've always wanted?

the boys

DivaJulia said...

...aaaaand the abuse BEGINS.

xoxo j

Annette said...

How are you going to hold a fork?!! Or will you eat with your fingers and suck your fingers and peeny thumb clean after?
Nuff of that. It sounds horrendous - how did you not pass out? It must've looked like Texas Chainsaw Massacre in your kitchen. Was the beef stew worth it? Look after yourself and get well soon hun.

jeanbean said...

Please tell me you aren't sucking your thumb now!!! Love ya!

Madd Hadder said...

Good LORDY woman!!! Why do you have casper's big ghostly penis tied to your hand? O_o

Ineedmyfix.com said...

OMG that is hysterical!!! I'm a little turned on right now. ;)

Actually I like the rings from what I can see, girl!! :)

Hope u r okay..without opposable thumbs how do we wipe, lol. Are you left handed??

DivaJulia said...

Okay, you guys. It's my LEFT thumb. I'm right handed, thanktheLord. (Hence the wedding rings you mentioned, I Need My Fix--and thank you. I do love them!)

I keep bumping or using my left hand accidentally--then screaming FUUCCCCK louder than I ever have in my life. (Sorry neighbors--windows still open.)


xoxo j

Ineedmyfix.com said...

In all seriousness you knows I loves you so I'm really hoping you are okay, but it IS shaped like a Penis and all...did you request that?? I just need to know that, lol.

I hope you are okay Doll!!


DivaJulia said...

HA!! Did I ASK for a peen-shaped gauze-wrap? No. I was just lucky.

Thanks for the well-wishes, guys. You do already know that I'll be bitching about this ad nauseum...sooo...okay.

xoxo j